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Shatterline is a newly released free-to-play game that features an arena fighting area that provides players with an amazing Co-Op game mode that will allow players to show off their skills in the progress. Players will wield weapons when trying to take down other online players in PvP modes, and our Shatterline Best Weapons guide will showcase the best weapons players can use in combat! 

The game itself is also an action-based that is available to download on Microsoft Windows as well as GeForce so far. With that, let’s get started! You might like our Shatterline Weapon Modification System guide, where we go in-depth about how weapons work and how they can be modified!

Let’s start by introducing the first weapon that players can invest in, which will essentially be the Impala Sakura. The Impala will be part of the five weapons presented to players for the Sniper Rifles and can be wielded whenever you want to go into the PvP mode and take down other players also playing. 

It will become a modified version of the actual tier-one sniper already available to players. One of the major reasons players might want to equip the gun in the first place is because they will be able to keep opponents far away from them and not necessarily allow them to move whenever the gun is with the player. 

The gun is excellent for Escort game modes, which are already pretty tough. Apart from that, if you can aim the gun at one of the opponent’s heads, they will get one shot. It doesn’t matter whether they are standing far away or face to face; the point is, as long as you shoot at the head, they’re dead. 

The overall damage output of the gun itself is also pretty commendable, and it can allow players to dominate PvP game modes in Shatterline. When we talk about the headshot being able to kill with one hit, it might take two or three hits for a body shot. 

Another thing that players should keep in mind is that their aim needs to be spectacular to get consistent headshots after headshots. This is one of the biggest ways they’ll be able to take down enemies without worrying about your damage output, and you’ll be able to gain victory easily. If you want to know which operators might work best for you, then our Shatterline Operators Tier List will be the perfect guide for you!

Moving on, one of the next weapons we would like to discuss will be known as the Drachen SMGs, which are going to be part of the Submachine Guns, which, as mentioned before, will come with a variety of 5 weapons. 

The weapon we will be talking about will be the tier one version and will be modified in a way whereby it provides even more versatility and advantage to players, whether they are newer to the game or are experienced players ready to take on the next challenge against enemies. 

The thing with the Drachen SMG is that you need to be on the closer end towards the enemy. The damage output difference will be pretty vast if you aim it when you’re quite a few meters away from the enemy and when you’re one or two feet away, and you then aim at the opponent in front of you. 

The best way to do it will be to sneak up on your enemy as much as possible essentially. The key will be to catch them off-guard, use stealth to your advantage, sneak up on them and get close as possible, and then kill them off with a few hits. 

Once again, each gun in Shatterline will have a technique and way to go about it if you want to dominate players with it. If you want a high damage output, you need to be face to face with opponents, and it can be applied to whatever game mode you’re going for. 

The overall rating that the gun itself will receive will be an A-tier because while the gun itself is insanely strong, it does require quite a bit of skill to execute and achieve the high damage output. 

Moving on to shotguns, we have the Burlington Tactical Shotgun on our hands, which will essentially be one of the most important tactical shotguns you can use against your enemies and take them down with little to no difficulty. 

The weapon itself is insanely lethal if you can track an enemy down whenever you’re in the middle of a battle and get close to them. If you’re someone into taking players head-on in a 1v1 match, or you’re attempting to play a friendly field against a fellow friend, then the Burlington can be a pretty solid option to equip and use. 

Apart from that, it can also be helpful if you’re in a narrow space, such as behind a building, in an alleyway, between fences, grills, or two narrow walls, and an opponent stumbles in the wall. That will be your major chance to load your bullet and obliterate them in one shot.

So, the best advantages will include being excellent against players close to you in a 1v1 situation. 

However, it’s not like the shotgun does not come with any sort of cons. One of the major advantages of the gun is also its biggest curse. The reason is that with how good the weapon is in a 1v1 battle, you will get shattered if you try to take on more than two enemies at once.

For example, if you’re trying to gun down one enemy and for some reason two or three others surround you, you will have to consistently shoot out, pump, shoot out and then launch out the bullet again and again, and by the time you do that, you’re dead. For completely new players, our Shatterline Tips and Tricks Guide will tell you all that you need to know!

Another weapon option that we simply can’t miss out on will be known as the Earl Pistol. While it is not comparable to that of the Impala Sakura or the Drachen SMG, it is a good weapon that should not be ignored as a possible option. 

Players in Shatterline will be able to wield it, and once they do, all they will need to do is to hide behind a wall and track down an enemy. Once you can target any opponent, load as much as you can, aim at any part of the body, and simply fire away. 

Players won’t need to stop after they get their first kill, and if any enemies are nearby your first targetted opponent, even better. Take advantage of the sheer number of enemies present and continue shooting at them and taking them down, making your victory an ultimate feat. 

With a modified version on hand, players can further expect to kill off enemies even faster and expect an increase in their overall damage output, evidently enhancing the total amount of kill count they can achieve at the end of a vicious battle. 

The main con for the weapon will be range one again. You need to be at a certain distance from the enemy if you want to effectively kill them without getting your own HP depleted or even being unfortunate to be killed. 

The overall rating for the weapon itself will be that of an A-tier, making it a viable and versatile option for all players. 

The next weapon for players in Shatterline will be the Pacifier, which the main AR players can get their hands on when they start playing the game. While the AR definitely cannot be compared to the other weapon classes and options available to players, it is still alright for different game modes, and players can get kills with the Pacifier. 

The pacifier itself has a decent damage output, and players will be able to experience a lot of satisfaction once they can murder enemies with it. Whether you are going head-on with brutal enemies or going in for a friendly fight with one of your friends on a call in a PvP game mode, you can use the pacifier if you don’t have your hands on the other ARs. 

However, one of the weapon’s main downsides is that there might be times when you’re in the middle of a gruesome fight when you end up missing a couple of your shots. The Pacifier requires the players to have tremendous aims while ensuring that they will not get attacked by any opponent that pulls a sneak attack on them. 

On top of that, if you cannot properly aim at the opponent’s head, the damage output will not be that high, and it will take a long time to win the fight. However, the AR is pretty versatile on its own, therefore will be getting a B-tier rating. 

The next weapon in question will be known as the Culvernia, essentially a Sidearm type of weapon players can use in battle. Essentially, it will be an immensely powerful revolver on the versatile end. 

One of the best things about the Culverina is that it has one of the greatest base damage when comparing the other sidearms that are present, which are that of g5 Earl, Lupara Compatta, G7 Springer as well as the U22 Svarog. 

The damage will be on the higher end, while the range will be pretty decent. When it comes to Accuracy, it will provide players with an ample amount of accuracy, allowing them to shoot at their enemies without needing to put in tons of effort from their end. 

The reload time for the U44 Culverina will be stabled at 1.7 seconds, which isn’t exactly an insanely high reload time, but it is comparatively faster compared to other units in the game.

The overall magazine capacity will be 6, making it easy to use in battles too. One thing to note is that the overall Stability and RPM will be on the lower end, but it won’t be extremely low. Don’t miss out on our Shatterline Controller Settings Guide!

Another solid weapon option will be the Tornado, which belongs to the sub-machine weapon class; its gun-mates will be of the following: A-1 Centurion, Cinetech M5, Firespray Z-940 Drachen. 

Players should know that the Tornado is hand’s down an incredible weapon to equip, as it does not have one specific stat that is extremely overpowered while it lacks on the others. Instead, the Tornado is one of the most balanced weapons players can equip and use whenever they please. 

There will be a specific recoil compensation system on which the weapon will run, making it even stronger in PvP combat against other players. Another thing that players will come to experience anytime they equip the Tornado because the weapon will have one of the highest magazine capacities out of the Submachine guns. 

The total magazine capacity will be set to 50, and if players are using it in combat and want to take it further and attempt to kill more enemies at once, they can do so with the reload time that will be offered at 2.5 seconds. While it is not the fastest reload time, it isn’t bad. 

Let’s start off by talking about the stats that the Tornado offers. As for the damage, it will have approximately 53/100 points; an official number isn’t given simply because it isn’t supplied but is rather a bar that represents the numbers. 

The RPM will be on the higher end compared to the damage, while the stability will be on the higher end. With that, the Accuracy and range will be a bit on the lower end. 

Next up, the R21 will be another option you can go for, especially if you want to experiment with weapons like shotguns, then the R21 Brute option might be an excellent gun you can go for. 

Players will encounter one thing when they are using the R21 Brute: it will have one of the highest fire rates when placed in comparison with other shotguns of its kind. 

Now, while the damage isn’t of the highest range, it will get an approximate 45/100; it is still not to be underestimated, as it can still kill off enemies whenever you need to win a fight and murder your opponents. 

As for the overall reload time with the brute, you will be able to reload it once every 5.7 seconds. Therefore it will be on the slightly slower end. Therefore you’ll need to be extremely strategic with it and not miss out on the reload time, lest you get defeated by enemies behind or in front of you. 

The RPM will be its highest stat, with a pretty impressive approximate of 70/100 points, making it a viable weapon choice for players. While it is not one of the Shatterline Best Weapons, it shouldn’t be placed on a lower tier. 

Regarding the other stats, the accuracy will be on the lower end, but the overall stability and range will be pretty okay. 

One of the next weapon options that will be presented to players will include that of the Legatus, which is going to be yet another assault rifle that will be able to be equipped by players of all kinds, newer and experienced for all game modes. 

The rifle itself is considered to be one that can be pretty versatile and will provide an ergonomic outlook and experience for players. When it comes to comparing different assault rifles, the A-9 Legatus is going to hone one of the highest rates of fire, making it insanely strong. 

The overall reload time for the weapon will be that of 2.5 seconds, and once again, while it may not be the fastest, it will be able to give the player an overall easy time while needing to take down enemies in an orderly fashion. The magazine capacity will be fixed at 30, making it even more useful. 

As for the stats, the damage output will be pretty solid, while the RPM will be its highest start rating. The stability will also be pretty commendable, while the range and accuracy will, unfortunately, be on the lower end, but it is still an amazing weapon nonetheless. 

Lastly, the Reaper will be the final weapon that we would like to discuss. It will have pretty high base damage, with approximately 80 or 84/100 points, while the RPM and stability will be the lowest points distributed with the weapon. 

As for the Accuracy and range, it will be pretty balanced, with the range being above 50 points and the RPM being around 25 points. The overall reload time for the weapon will be set to that 2.0 seconds, and the overall magazine capacity will be set to 5. With that, we will wrap up our Shatterline Best Weapons guide! While you’re at it, do not skip out on our Shatterline Best Operators guide!

Here are all the weapons players might encounter and want to equip whenever they are trying to obliterate other stronger players fighting against them in the PvP modes. 

Let’s start by introducing the assault rifles in Shatterline that are available for wielding to players. There are a total of 5 weapons to choose from, and they will range from the Zenith, XM-40 Conciliator, XM-27 Pacifier, A-3 Pilum, and the A-9 Legatus. 

As for the shotgun availabilities, there will again be five weapons, ranging from the Burlington TACs, 421 Brute, and M2 Tactical SAS. Players can also choose to equip the Black Falcon II or the R60 Gevaudan. 

If you would rather use a Submachine Gun, then your best options will be from the Firesprays, Tornados, Z-940 Drachen, Cinetech M5, or the A01 Centurion. 

For the sidearms, you can go between the five: the U44 Culverina, U22 Svarof, G7 Springer, G5 Earl, or the Lupara Compatta. 

The Sniper Rifles will be able to provide five weapons amongst the TWD X-tremes, SAG-8 Reaper, Impala, Dragonfly, and the Presarm VX-7. 

Guide and Photo Credits: BIGHUSKGAMES on Youtube

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