Angel Fire crews proactively preparing for wildfire

2022-06-04 01:14:11 By : Ms. Lisa Wang

The fire department has had days to prepare for flames.

The fire department has had days to prepare for flames.

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The fire department has had days to prepare for flames.

As the Calf Canyon and Hermits Peak Fire continue to spread, crews in Angel Fire are proactively preparing for flames.

Chief Kevin Henson with the Angel Fire Fire Department, took KOAT to the evacuation zone within Colfax County and showed us what crews are doing right now, to try and save the village.

"We brought in a number of mutual aid resources from eastern Colfax County and we have resources from California and other states. We bring them into the area. We first introduce them to the area, orient them, do a safety briefing, and then we send them out," Henson said.

Our cameras captured crews putting drop tanks in rural areas within the county so engines have a place to refill.

Crews are also doing structural triage, meaning doing what they can to prep a home so if a fire were to come, they could save it.

"Identifying hazards, identifying escape routes, identifying homes that do not have defensible space for homes that do. We're able to spend enough time to take pumpkins out, put 50 gallons of water in them and a pump and set lines all over their properties so that in the event that fire does come, we can quickly come fire up the pump and protect the house without firefighters being present," Henson said.

Crews are also creating firebreaks with bulldozers.

"This is to connect Cook's Lake Fire and to create a firebreak in the areas where we can have nice wide lanes. We're doing that to lessen the chance for fire spread. It's also creating an exit path and an access path depending on where fire goes," Henson said.

Crews are also removing dry fuels from the area.

The chief does have a message for those within Colfax County.

"Most importantly is we're planning and Angel Fire's currently in the set stage. If we move to go, we need you to go and we need you to evacuate. If you choose not to evacuate, you're creating a life safety risk for law enforcement and for firefighters. We won't make that decision lightly. But if we ask you to leave, we need people to leave," Henson said

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