Incident Summary Day Shift Monday 21st February - North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

2022-03-12 02:45:00 By : Ms. Angela Liu

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10:58 Marsh Croft, Brotherton- Crew from Selby attended a residential street where flood water was entering premises. Crews used a major pump to remove water from affected properties whilst the council set up a high volume pump. Incident left with council once pump was established.

11:16 Princess Close, Ripon- Crew from Ripon attended reports of flooding in a residential street. This was caused by a drain that was unable to deal with the amount of water. Advice given to local residents.

11:19 Sutton Lane, Byram, Selby- Crews from Selby and Tadcaster attended a field where 3 horses were surrounded by flood water. Crews rescued the horses using water rescue equipment and halters. Horses then moved to a safe location.

12:05 Whitehead Hill, Scarborough- Crew from Scarborough gained access to a premises for Ambulance service due to concerns for the occupant. Once access gained the property was found to be empty. Small tools and lock snapper used.

12:11 Kirkby Wiske- Crew from Acomb responded to flood water that had surrounded a number of premises and began to enter one. They used an light portable pump alongside the residents own pumps to divert water away from the premises.

12:28 West End, Ulleskelf- Crew from Tadcaster attended an LPG tank that had come loose and was floating in flood water. Crews ensured cylinder was secured in a safe place until water resides.

15:32 Belvedere Road, Scarborough- Crew from Scarborough attended a 2 vehicle road traffic collision where one car had impacted a tree and the other a fence. All occupants were out on arrival and no action was taken by fire service.

During the day crews from York, Tadcaster and Harrogate have also attended automatic fire alarm activations that resulted in false alarms.

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