2022-07-29 19:55:37 By : Ms. Norah Zhai

I think it has been uncharacteristically hot in Twin Falls this summer. And it is really starting to show if you look around. You know it is hot in Twin Falls when these things start to happen:

I tried to help a friend of mine find an above-ground swimming pool, nothing big, for her backyard. I swear we hit every single store in Twin Falls before we finally came across one. ONE. It had to be the only one left in town.

If you see people walking their dogs during the day, you may notice that the dogs have shoes on. The concrete is so hot it can burn and peel the pads on dogs' feet. Side note, did you know that they make Crocs for dogs?

We have all done it, accidentally touched the metal part of the seatbelt, and felt like our skin was going to fall off. I swear I have a permanent scar on my thigh from it.

People Are Actually Swimming In Dierkes And They Aren't Kids

You see kids in Dierkes all the time but not a ton of adults. When you start to see adults hanging out in the water and refusing to get out, you know it is hot out. Even more so if they decide to go underwater.

Hey, for those who enjoy rocking them, you rock! Keep it up. It is probably a great way to keep cool. But it is a sign it is hot when they are everywhere.

I love that Twin Falls has some splash pads. And they are full and it is a great way to stay cool.

Everyone is eating outside at Elevation and Redhawk and Milner's Gate and wherever there are good patios. It is insanely hot but people still enjoy sitting outside and eating a good meal.