Taking Up the Mantle of Engine 1: West Pulaski (AR) Fire Department Accepts Delivery of New Toyne Pumper

2022-03-12 02:44:35 By : Ms. CATHY QI

Little Rock, AR (March 1, 2022) – Always planning for the road ahead and the fire service needs of their community, the West Pulaski Fire Department (WPFD) has taken delivery of a fully customized Toyne pumper. This new apparatus will replace a Toyne built for the department in 1999. After two decades of service, the name of the retired Toyne, “Engine 1,” has been assumed by their latest pumper.

“We know this truck will service our needs well and should serve our fire district and communities for decades,” said Jason Rogers, WPFD Deputy Chief Administrator.

As one of the largest volunteer fire districts in the state of Arkansas, WPFD protects more than 9,000 residents over a territory that spans 160 square miles. In 2020, they responded to 777 incident calls alone. Operating out of five fire stations and maintaining a fleet of over 20 apparatus allows WPFD to serve such a large area effectively. The department continues to expand its capabilities, and commissioning the construction of a Toyne apparatus was a part of those efforts. Their newest Toyne is ready to take the call from WPFD’s Station #1.

“We were very familiar with the craftsmanship and quality of a Toyne fire apparatus, as we have had one in service with our department for over 20 years, and it has served us very well,” said  Scott Matthews, WPFD Lieutenant. “After taking delivery, we are equally as impressed with the craftsmanship of our new truck.”

The apparatus body was stall-built and constructed with bolted painted stainless steel. It houses a number of different features and storage options that are custom-tailored to the department’s needs. Its main storage compartments feature painted ROM roll-up doors for fast access to tools and equipment. With Toyne’s custom under-step storage, WFPD can stow additional gear. For SCBA tank storage, there are compartments for eight tanks in the wheel wells and brackets to hold additional tanks in the main body compartments.

Firefighters of West Pulaski can respond head-on to fire emergencies as the pumper is equipped with a 1,000-gallon UPF tank and a 1,250 GPM Hale Qflo pump. Above the pump control area is an Elkhart Stinger 2.0 Monitor with an 18-inch extension. At the back of the Toyne Tailored Apparatus is a booster reel and rear slide-in storage for a ladder, pike pole, and hard suction hose. 

Toyne mounted the body onto a 2-door Kenworth T370 chassis. Its powertrain consists of a 360-horsepower Paccar PX9 engine and an Allison 3000 EVS transmission. The cab interior has seating for three firefighters.

Reflecting on the build process, Lieutenant Matthews said, “It was a great experience overall working with Toyne to build our new engine. From our first conversations to the initial design and layout, to the pre-construction meeting and throughout the build process, the communication and willingness to work with our needs were excellent.”

“WPFD serves such a large community and territory and needed a purpose-built pumper to bolster their response effectiveness,” said Mike Schwabe, President of Toyne, Inc. “This custom pumper–that’s tailored to their requirements–will allow the department to fulfill their mission.”

For more information about the West Pulaski Fire Department, visit their web page at WPFireRescue.org.